Iris Bahr is a highly sought after Public Speaking Coach. She works with clients across the spectrum, from financial execs and entrepreneurs, to pilots and CFOs and anyone who needs help preparing for a presentation, pitch, TED talk or just wants to improve their communication skills. She provides writing services as well, and will write presentations from scratch or work with the client on tweaking and improving what they have. 


She works from the inside out, and utilizes her 20 years of experience as a solo performer and teacher to bring out her client's untapped charisma, get them out of their head and maximize their impact on the audience, whether it be 5 people or 5000.

She specializes in working with clients whose English is a second language, and works with many Israeli CEOS and entrepreneurs that need to prepare for pitch presentations for VCs, including accent reduction and diction as well as any other communication/public speaking services they need.  Remote Skype sessions are available and Iris with clients across the time zones, from NY to Dubai. 

Group workshops are also available. They are fun and remarkably effective.  Inquire for more details.

"Iris is amazing and has an uncanny ability to hone in on each person’s skills and limitations. Her workshops are a must for any company leaders that want to improve the efficacy of their team members. We were thrilled with the results! and our team members had a fantastic time!" - G.P,  CTO Eyeview

"Iris helped me to prepare for my 30 minute appearance on CNN, Talks@Google, and taking the stage at the Hay House "I Can Do It" conference. She was highly professional and amazing to work with. The transformation in my skill level has been remarkable. I recommend her highly as a speaking coach." - Karen Henson Jones, Author & Motivational Speaker

"Iris is phenomenal! Super smart, with a mile long track record of acting, writing and directing experience, not to mention kind and a lot of fun to be with. She guided me through some professional obstacles, to the success I'm seeing now." - Jonathan H.  

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